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Our students truly are the resilient ones we should thank after these past few months indoors. They have switched gears and spent countless hours away from friends, away from the focus that is built-in and around classrooms, away from the undivided attention our teachers give them, and away from the camaraderie that they are used to having in the playgrounds, fields, and gymnasiums.

If only there was a word, to properly reflect the feelings of gratitude we have for the thousands of students that catapulted into a new learning environment without skipping a beat, we would have it plastered all over our website. The only thing we have been able to muster up is this feature collectively gathered by the teachers and administrators who helped guide them along the way.

Enjoy the many photos captured by families, schools and students themselves of their creative and outstanding 2020 graduation ceremonies!

Photos are of students and faculty from Cathedral High School in Chinatown, Holy Family School in Glendale, St. Anthony School in Gardena, and St. Odilia in Los Angeles.




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