Frequently Asked Questions - Catholic Education Foundation
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Frequently Asked Questions

CEF Deadlines


Cycle 1: Special 8th Grade TAP – September 1st –  PLEASE CONTACT YOUR HIGH SCHOOL.


Renewals only are accepted. Applications from Catholic school 8th Graders who are currently receiving a tuition award from CEF and who wish to attend an Archdiocesan or Parish Catholic high school may submit an application.

Cycle 2: High School TAP – November 1st – PLEASE CONTACT YOUR HIGH SCHOOL

All new and renewal applications for high school awards (9th – 12th grades).

Cycle 3: Elementary TAP – Opens January 15th – PLEASE CONTACT YOUR ELEMENTARY SCHOOL

All new and renewal applications for pre-K, transitional kindergarten, elementary and middle school students.

Where and how do I apply for TAP?

1.You pick up your application packet at a participating Catholic school in the Archdiocese of Los Angeles


2.You complete your application and return it the Catholic school your child will attend in the fall


3.You submit the most recent federal tax returns along with any other proof of income

When can I apply for TAP? (Can I apply at any time? Do you have emergency tuition assistance?)

You must apply during the cycles. CEF does not accept applications outside of the three cycle dates.


CEF does not have emergency tuition assistance.

What forms of proof of income may I use to submit along with my child’s tuition award application?

Employed: 1040 Federal Tax Return


Business Owner/Self-Employed: 1040 Federal Tax Return and Schedule C


Investments and Income Property Owners: 1040Federal Tax Return and Schedules D (capital gains) and/or E (Property investments)


Unemployed:  Submit a copy of annual disbursements from unemployment, disability and/or Social Security for the calendar year


Federal Aide: Submit a copy of annual disbursements for Cal Fresh, WIC, Section 8 Housing


Court order or copy of check of alimony and/or child support disbursement

What if I lost my job but my tax return does not reflect my current income status?

Submit the current 1040 Federal Tax Return along with a copy of the letter from your employer regarding your loss of employment or lay off status or your application for unemployment disbursements with start date of first disbursement and date of loss of employment.

How many applications may I submit?

If you have more than one child attending a Catholic school, you may submit an application for each child.

How do I know if my child received a tuition award?

1. CEF will notify your school of the status of your application.


2. CEF will mail out a letter notifying you on the status of your child’s application.

Can I receive a TAP application directly from CEF?

No. Applications for tuition awards are only available through participating Catholic Schools. Please visit your school and pick up a tuition award application packet. Return the completed application and proof of income to your Catholic school by their deadline.

Can I mail my TAP application directly to CEF?

No. All applications and proof of income must be delivered to the Catholic school that your child will attend in the fall. The school will review your application, verify your income and write a formal recommendation before they submit to CEF.

How does CEF receive my TAP application?

The schools send the applications to CEF on or before our cycle deadlines.

If my child(ren) is/are awarded a tuition award, may I transfer it to another Catholic school?

The tuition award may be transferred to another Parish or Archdiocesan school within the Archdiocese of Los Angeles.


The award may not be transferred to a sibling, student, or a school outside of the Archdiocese of Los Angeles, or a private Catholic school within the Archdiocese of Los Angeles.

If I have questions regarding my child’s tuition award or status of his/her application, should I contact CEF?

You should first contact the Catholic school who submitted your application to CEF.

How do I apply for an SOS award?

Families may not apply for SOS.


Possible SOS students are identified by CEF through the regular TAP review process, by the principal and/or pastor. If a student is identified, then CEF will request additional information and recommendation from the principal and/or pastor to qualify the student for SOS.