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We Are St. Thomas

We Are St. Thomas

It is communities like the one we have in the Byzantine-Latino Quarter of Los Angeles that remind of us of rich history and nostalgic eateries of early LA. The school communities here have housed committed families and teachers alike for decades. As we now sit in the first months of a new decade, we are reminded of the one constant we have in life,… which is change. As a city, country and planet, we have been abruptly faced with some of the biggest changes we’ve seen in our lifetimes. Through it all, St. Thomas the Apostle School has shown in many ways the resilience it takes to uphold Catholic values and provide the quality education its families expect. Adrian Cuevas, Principal of St. Thomas the Apostle School, shares the spirit it takes for his community to overcome the adversity they’re facing;

Our philosophy’s holistic vision calls us to be a family, with meaningful responsibilities for parents, students and teachers alike. We have an undeniable sense of belonging to something special; we all feel it. It’s neither the money nor the resources, it’s neither the building nor the neighborhood, it’s the love and the people that give St. Thomas the Apostle School its incomparable spirit.

It is this one of a kind spirit that has brought our school community together at the face of this crisis. In a matter of days, our faculty and staff came together to launch our Distance Learning Academy to ensure we continued supporting our students academically. We of course hit a few bumps in the road as our teachers were called to learn how to navigate their virtual platforms while having to launch and implement them at the same time. It has been inspiring to see the tenacity and dedication of our faculty as they have grown proficient at distance learning instruction. Our students have been achieving academically, and have grown alongside each other in their virtual classrooms.

At St. Thomas the Apostle School, we thrive off of the spirit of community and coming together. This was an important aspect of our school we wanted to maintain even at distance. It was great to see our students and their families participate in our virtual spirit weeks. These themed weeks livened the mood and brought some fun to our distance learning. Our students dressed like their favorite teachers, honed their culinary skills for Cooking Day, and even showed off their family pets. All this once again proving that a strong community always finds a way to come together.

Despite our empty campus and quiet hallways, the spirit of our school thrives from a distance. We look forward to the day we reunite as a physical community. For now, we will continue to empower our students to succeed when faced with adversity and show them that their school will truly support them every step of the way.

We are St. Thomas!



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