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Team Benefits and Commitments

The Catholic Education Foundation Racing Team is set out to bring awareness to the need and importance of Catholic education in children’s lives. This is our very first LA Marathon and we are looking to make it one to remember!


When you run with Catholic Education Foundation, you’re not alone. We provide the support you need to make your fundraising goal and prepare you to run your best race possible.

Team Benefits


✶ Complimentary CEF Shuttle

✶ Personal website for fundraising

✶ Fundraising tips and support

✶ Monthly e-newsletter

✶ Training kick-off event

✶ Pre- and post-race celebration

✶ Running shirt

✶ Student notes during training

✶ Fun runs with team and students

Your Commitment


✶ Register for the 2019 Skechers Performance Los Angeles Marathon

✶ Use code during online registration

✶ Complete the CEF Racing Team registration packet and email it to Juan Munoz

✶ Set-up your personal fundraising page

✶ 2019 Skechers Performance Los Angeles Marathon runners commit to raising either $1,500 by March 31, 2019

✶ Run your race - Most importantly, your commitment can empower a student’s future!

Click here for CEF Racing Team Registration Form      


For more Information: Feel free to contact Juan Munoz if you have any questions.


Juan Munoz
Engagement and Stewardship Manager

213.637.7606  ✶