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Student Spotlight: Giselle Melendez

Student Spotlight: Giselle Melendez

Giselle has selected UCLA as the school she’ll attend in the fall. With her Full scholarship, she plans to major in Pre-Human Biology and Society. St. Mary’s Academy is also proud and happy to report that Giselle represented her class, the 127th graduating class, as the valedictorian with a GPA of 4.6. Giselle was a standout teammate on Varsity soccer and was a Gold Tie recipient.


“Tú escoges cómo quieres ver tu mundo, chiquito o grande.”

[You choose how you want to see your world, small or large]


“I understood the meaning behind my father’s words. One must decide for themselves to look beyond their surroundings and choose to possess both eagerness and curiosity to explore what the world has to offer.”

These are the sentiments expressed by Giselle in one of her University application essays! As Giselle embarks on her next journey, she chooses to take advantage of all the enormous opportunities that this life has to offer. Through her involvement in the healthcare pathway at St. Mary’s and volunteering at St. Francis Medical Center, she has made it her goal to become a General Surgeon.

“My success is not mine alone, it will also belong to my parents and family, my teachers who encouraged me, my peers who struggled alongside me and finally all those who paved the way before me.”     – Giselle Melendez


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