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Student Spotlight: Chloe Furlong

Student Spotlight: Chloe Furlong

“Whether acting in a play, singing in the choir, leading a school tour, or experimenting in the lab, Chloe Furlong is a true renaissance woman,” said Pomona Catholic High School Science teacher, Mr. Don Bell.

Chloe received her first CEF award in 6th grade while attending Sacred Heart School in Covina. Since then she has continued her Catholic education journey and is now a Junior at Pomona Catholic High School (PC).

Chloe is continuously showing passion and dedication to her studies. She is currently taking Spanish III, Pre-calculus, U.S. History, Religion, AP Biology, and AP Language and Composition, all while maintaining a 3.8 GPA. Chloe enjoys each class and every teacher at PC, but is particularly passionate about AP Language and AP Biology.

She said, “Both classes are difficult in their own distinct way, and both teachers push me to excel in my efforts and help me reach my fullest potential.” Mr. Bell has had Chloe in both his Honors Chemistry and AP Biology and has nothing but good things to say about Chloe. He went on to say, “She is courteous, respectful, spiritual, and humble while still being fun-loving with a great sense of humor.”

Not only is Chloe an excellent student, but she is also an active ambassador at PC and participates in multiple clubs like Home EC, the Buddy Project, fashion, music, choir, and drama club. This spring will be her third time participating in the schools’ spring musical.

Chloe is a strong believer in giving back to the community. She demonstrates this belief by participating in the Buddy Project, which is a non-profit movement that aims to prevent suicide and self-harm by pairing people as buddies and raising awareness for mental health.

Chloe said, “Through these clubs, I am able to participate and give back to my PC community in countless ways and I am taught valuable life lessons.”

From the classroom to the stage and back to the community Chloe is ready to start planning her college career. She has expressed an interest in majoring in Psychology particularly learning disabilities and mental illness. Her desire for this subject has been sparked by the positive impact her brother has on her.

Chloe’s brother has a learning disability; however, this does not affect the close relationship the siblings have. She said, “Many people think it is difficult to have or know someone close to you with a disability, but it is actually the opposite for my family and I.” She went on to say, “Having a brother with a learning disability along with friends and family who have suffered and still suffer from mental illnesses has helped me better understand and respect people of all kinds. Through my continuous studies, I hope to make a major impact in the world through my future career and give hope and love to those who may not have it.”

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