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Student Spotlight: Aka A Amobi

Student Spotlight: Aka A Amobi

Aka Amobi will receive a $10,000 scholarship at Aerospace, which is potentially renewable for up to four years, along with a summer internship opportunity. Aka just recently graduated from St. Bernard High School and will be attending California State University, Northridge in the fall to start his undergraduate studies in Computer Engineering.

Amobi was born in Torrance, California, and moved back and forth between Nigeria and California during his elementary years. As a young child, Aka’s mother would take him on weekly trips to The Proud Bird, an airplane-themed restaurant near Los Angeles International Airport. Instead of eating, he remembers gazing in awe at these bird-like contraptions. Science continued to command his attention, and an eighth-grade science class eventually ignited his passion.

Aka played a lead role on the St. Bernard’s robotics team at a regional competition in 2017 and served as captain of St. Bernard’s varsity soccer team for two years. Aka also played a vital role in the St. Bernard High School STEM Summit for all four years.

Steve Isakowitz, Aerospace president and CEO, states “Through this scholarship, we will help him soar to greater heights in engineering, and we can’t wait to see what his promising future brings.”

Here’s to an unrivaled experience and safe travels AKA!


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