St. Anthony Padua School visits LA Natural History Museum  - Catholic Education Foundation
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St. Anthony Padua School visits LA Natural History Museum 

St. Anthony Padua School visits LA Natural History Museum 

For the past 30 years the Catholic Education Foundation has made it their core mission to provide low income families with tuition assistance for Catholic education. Throughout the years, donors have worked with CEF to provide additional curriculum related services such as art classes, physical education equipment, and field trips. These opportunities are made available to CEF schools that lack the budget to provide them.

The Big Yellow Bus Program (BYB) is funded by the Steinmetz Family Foundation. The program is celebrating 11 years of transporting students from inner-city Catholic schools to places they would not have the opportunity to travel to.

“The Big Yellow Bus Program has helped St. Anthony of Padua immensely. It is extremely expensive to pay for a bus or to ask our parents to pay for one out of pocket for field trips, after they have already made such a huge sacrifice in paying for their child’s tuition and fees. To have up to 3 donated buses from the BYB program this year was a blessing because students get to experience things they might not have otherwise, due to the high expense of transportation to these excursions. We are so grateful to all our sponsors for making this donation possible! Our whole school community thanks them.”


St. Anthony Padua School Principal, Angela Grey

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