Santa Teresita School Host Science Fair - Catholic Education Foundation
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Santa Teresita School Host Science Fair

Santa Teresita School Host Science Fair

Students at Santa Teresita School in Los Angeles displayed their science skills at their annual Science Fair.

Principal, Sister Mary Catherine, said students executed all phases of experimentation including the development of a hypothesis, planning, research, experimenting, analyzing data, and concluding their findings. Students from Kindergarten to 8th grade get critiqued on their presentation and documentation.

The Science Fair not only gives them hands-on experience in science, it also teaches them to analyze issues and answer questions they have about the world. Special thanks to Sister Mary Catherine for inviting CEF staff to visit and observe the students and their projects.

Also, congratulations to six CEF Scholars at Santa Teresita, Alexa, Jayla, Reina, Itzayana, Brandon and Matthew, who all worked very hard and put time and effort into their projects and reports.

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