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Prepared For Anything

Prepared For Anything

Much like many of our Archdiocesan schools, St. Anthony of Padua school in Gardena quickly adapted after receiving news that their school site would be coming to a temporary close in one day, and just 4 days later, they were up and running with packets and lesson plans on the ready. That Tuesday in March was the beginning of a dynamic playing field filled with change and uncertainty, yet St. Anthony met all of this with heart and creativity.


Mrs. Angela Grey and her staff have certainly faced challenges, yet they firmly believe in the importance of celebrating their victories! We asked to see how the students, families and staff have come together these past couple months and here are the victories she listed.


“Our students have been so well served during this pandemic. In addition to daily lessons, we have worked on ways to nurture our school community spiritually.  We have classes that attend virtual Mass together and for Easter, we held a virtual Holy Thursday retreat.  Most recently, our 2nd grade class had a Zoom retreat to continue preparing to receive Holy Communion once restrictions are lifted.  We are also proud to say that we are trying to serve our spirit of FUN!  Our kindergarteners have a weekly Zoom meeting where they get to chat and connect with their friends whom they miss so much. We even have a passionate and wonderful 5th grade Teacher who has set up a weekly “Disney Zumba Class” open to all grades!  We celebrated our teachers this week in honor of National teacher Appreciation Week and are currently planning a drive-through event for the upcoming May Crowning and Graduation. These are all examples of how our commitment to our students has allowed us to  find festive ways to celebrate these important events, while still being compliant with recommended guidelines for safety.  Every day, the creativity of our teachers in an effort to engage their students astounds me!


We look forward to the opportunity to physically return to school, but are prepared for anything, knowing that whatever God has planned for us, we are prepared to offer our students quality, Catholic education!”


A huge thank you goes out to the community of St. Anthony of Padua and their amazing efforts to provide a quality education!


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