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Pioneer’s Lifelong Learners

Pioneer’s Lifelong Learners

San Gabriel Mission High School (SGMHS) is a Catholic All-Girls College-Preparatory institution that believes Remote Learning will prepare their students for the next step in their educational journey, as this hybrid type learning is becoming the popular way of instruction in higher education. The young women of SGMHS continually practice their Expected Learning Outcomes to become women of Respect, Motivation, Depth, Integrity, and Character.

From encouraging their students that checking into class and group participation is part of their grade during Remote Learning, to reminding the girls to come in dress code during Zoom classroom time, are just some of the ways they are ensuring that each young woman receives a quality educational experience.

SGMHS’s counselor, Ms. Mulally, has extended her heart and time to make sure that all students needing assistance in planning their next steps of entering college are equipped with the resources they need. She has expressed to her student body that, though they are in a new environment and learning in new ways, it’s very important for them to understand the need to stay focused on their college applications, scholarships, admission events and any possible changes for college decision deadlines. “Universities at this time are communicating with you via email or their portal sites with VERY IMPORTANT updates. They are expecting you to be checking their forms of communications frequently.” Ms. Mulally has promised her students that she will send updated lists of their college acceptances out every Friday to the SGMHS community to continue celebrating their successes!

SGMHS has really shown a great deal of support to their students and their community during this “Safer At Home” mandate. They continually send messages of love and encouragement, especially to their Senior class who will be missing out on the many Senior activities they have been looking forward to for so long. SGMHS went ahead and shared a very special message for their students stating,

“We appreciate connecting with you virtually, and please know your concerns were heard. We want to share a letter with you because we think it captures many of the emotions you are experiencing right now. Mission Seniors, we think this letter provides some great advice about what YOU can do to make this year still memorable for you and your classmates…”

Louisiana’s 2020 Teacher of the Year: An Open Letter to High School Seniors During Coronavirus Crisis

#FeelGoodFriday : At Mission, learning does not depend on where you are because students and graduates will be lifelong learners wherever their spirit is.

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