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Teachers are Rising to the Occasion

Teachers are Rising to the Occasion

This past month has been an ever-evolving reality, filled with precautions. Another thing this month has brought to light are the special moments of extraordinary praise! Here is another glimpse of just how impressive our leaders in Catholic schools are and a beautiful testament to how important it is to have faith at the center of the learning experience. The Dean of Academics at Mary Star of the Sea High school wrote in and spoke to how their community is managing to leap over obstacles and prevail in the presence of drastic change!


“In order to ensure continued learning for our students, Mary Star of the Sea High School first provided multiple in-services for its teachers to become familiar with the digital platforms that the school chose to use during this time of Remote Instruction (i.e. Google Classroom, Zoom Web Conferencing, EdPuzzle, etc). Following this, the school started by adopting an asynchronous (i.e. self-guided lesson modules, virtual libraries, posted lecture notes, etc.) method of online learning. After some weeks of this mode of learning and listening to feedback from students and their desire for more interaction, the school has decided to move to a hybrid – synchronous (i.e. video conferencing, live chatting, etc.) and asynchronous – model. This will allow students to have “live” interactive time on designated days and also provide students flexibility in their schedule on other days of the week. Through the use of live courses, students can be held accountable for regular attendance. To keep the students engaged while in the courses, our teachers are integrating formative assessments (e.g. EdPuzzle, Quizlet, Quizizz) and hosting daily office hours/tutoring. The teachers have been asked to think outside of the box and move away from what is normally done in the physical classroom. Lectures are being shortened, assignments are being adapted, and technology is being integrated. Our teachers are rising to the occasion. 


It is important for our students and our community to learn to adapt and navigate this new digital landscape. In many situations, this is the social outlet for the children. In some instances, this is the only sense of normalcy they receive in their day. In all cases, the students are reminded that teachers and administrators are praying for them and their families daily. Recording administrators walking the Stations of the Cross while exercising social distancing and having the rector give his annual Easter blessing helps keep the community grounded in prayer. As important as it has been for us to continue to move the academics forward, it is this message of faith and prayer that the school continues to emphasize with each member of our community.”


We are so grateful for the lengths to which our Catholic school administrators, teachers, pastors and parents are reaching to ensure that their students are receiving the faith-centered and quality education our Catholic schools provide. THANK YOU!


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