Hispanic Leadership "Round up" - Catholic Education Foundation
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Hispanic Leadership “Round up”

Hispanic Leadership “Round up”

June 21, 2014- Dozens of Hispanic leaders gathered at the Chaves Ranch, in Los Feliz, to celebrate the tremendous impact the Catholic Education Foundation’s (CEF) Hispanic Leadership Advisory Board (HLAB) is having on the inner-city Hispanic communities by providing tuition assistance to children attending Catholic schools within the LA Archdiocese.

Led by Most Reverend Archbishop José Gomez, the Catholic Education Foundation’s HLAB works with Archbishop Gómez to build awareness of the catholic schools among the Hispanic communities. HLAB members also actively fundraise to provide tuition assistance, through CEF, for financially disadvantaged Hispanic students.

The event was hosted by CEF Board Member Alex Chaves and his wife Nadine, and featured several speakers including Archbishop Gómez, Tim Smith (President, CEF Board of Trustees), and HLAB President, Frank Sanchez. The Salesian High School Mariachi Band welcomed guests and attendees heard inspiring testimonials from three high school students who have received tuition assistance from CEF, each describing the impact CEF has on had their educational opportunities, their families and their communities.

In a joyous response to the Adopt-A-Student auction, Pep Valdes, President of the Catholic Association of Latino Leaders (CALL), presented a check on behalf of CALL to CEF for $100,000, which will be donated over the next 10 years.

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