High School Sophomore launches “GoFundMe” campaign to help local elementary school, Divine Saviour - Catholic Education Foundation
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High School Sophomore launches “GoFundMe” campaign to help local elementary school, Divine Saviour

Featured in photo: Armando Carvalho (Principal of Divine Saviour) & Adrienne Usher (Sophomore at Harvard-Westlake School)


Out of a pool of about 25 inner city Catholic schools, all eagerly awaiting to be accepted into ADLA’s new Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (S.T.E.M.) Network, there were three chosen. With all the buzz and the need for these types of schools in our community, there is a projected increase in demand for space and of course, financial aid funding.

Divine Saviour School, a CEF school located in the Cypress Park area of northeast Los Angeles, is one of the three schools initially accepted into the ADLA’s S.T.E.M. Network. Divine Saviour is excited to have the help of Pasadena resident Adrienne Usher, to aid in bridging the gap between tuition costs and the ability to afford them. With a median household income in the Northeast Los Angeles area of about $41,000, Principal Armando Carvalho has been working hard towards making a reality of the belief, “if someone really wants to come to our school, we want to make that happen.”

Adrienne, who attended Catholic schools from grades 1-8 and is now a sophomore at Harvard-Westlake School in Studio City, has decided to dedicate her summer vacation to helping students and families at Divine Saviour School after visiting the campus. She recently met with Principal Carvalho and together they created the idea of setting up a $25,000 “GoFundMe” campaign in the hopes of helping fund the school’s efforts to accommodate more students and increase enrollment. Along with starting the online campaign and asking her parents’ friends to join her, Adrienne is also planning on taking the stage and speaking at her school’s back to school assembly to help spread the word.

“What’s great about Catholic schools is that they really promote a sense of responsibility – not only as a religious person, but in your schoolwork and social life – and it’s these sets of rules, internal rules to follow, that I think are good for any kid to have”, Adrienne proclaims. CEF is very excited to see such a motivated young woman with a passion for social justice and education, take initiative and use her resources towards making a big impact. With more than 50% of Divine Saviour School students receiving CEF tuition awards, we are sure that all her heroic efforts will most definitely make our community stronger and will inspire her peers to follow her lead.

If you are interested in supporting Adrienne and Divine Saviour School in this GoFundMe campaign, please go to https://www.gofundme.com/f/ybh698-dollars-for-divine to make your gift. Divine Saviour School is still accepting new students, and together with Adrienne’s help, we are excited to see them accommodate and fund all students who want a Catholic education.

Thank you, Adrienne and Armando, for being leaders in our communities and for investing in children and empowering the future!

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