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Happy Easter

Happy Easter

Easter Sunday is a day of joy! It is a celebration of Jesus’ life and his triumph over death and sin, and we are all impacted by its significance in big ways. Easter is a reminder that we are able to rely on our faith when our struggles feel insurmountable.  God leads, and as long as we are ready to jump, he does the rest!

This past year has given us countless reasons to panic and completely stop in our tracks to let it overtake us, but instead, we jumped and relied on our faith. This faith has allowed us to further our mission through even the toughest of circumstances.

Without our schools and the numerous individuals putting their faith behind their work to pave the path for us all to continue providing a quality Catholic education to those who need it most, we would have not been able to accomplish what we have this year… and for that we Thank God!

Join us, as we allow ourselves to feel the joy of Christ’s Resurrection on this day and to renew our commitment to him in every way moving forward. The world needs us, now more than ever!

HAPPY EASTER from all your friends at CEF!


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