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Student Spotlight: Angelique Hale

Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles – CAMP CHLA


Many students are eager to find out what they want to do when they grow up. Some actually already know their plans from a young age. One of our CEF students, Angelique Hale, class president at St. Mary’s Academy with a schedule full of AP and Honors classes, is one that exemplifies those who know what they want. As a member of the Health Careers Program, she had the chance to explore what it would be like to work as a health care professional. Experiencing five full days of education, observation and participation in the daily activities of health care professionals at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles, Angelique was eager to join.

She got the opportunity to observe medical procedures and job shadowed health care professionals, as they cared for patients. She also participated in a skills lab, where she learned how to take vital signs, perform CPR and acquire other essential skills for the medical field.

We hope that her excitement towards wanting to learn, continues to be an influence on her fellow students. When you expose yourself to different career paths by participating in opportunities such as these, it gives you a chance to invest in yourself and empower your future. Way to go Angelique!


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