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Annandale “Friend”raiser

Annandale “Friend”raiser

We are very lucky to have great leadership on our Board of Trustees who consistently pave the way for us to cultivate new relationships and bring our communities together. In April, a few of CEF’s Trustees and committee members hosted a gathering at Annandale Country Club to introduce some of their friends and colleagues to CEF and created an opportunity for our Catholic school administrators and clergy to shine light on the many benefits of a Catholic education.

CEF Alumnus Adrien Lopez and Fr. Matt Elshoff, OFM Cap both opened their hearts and gave testimony to the many obstacles and challenges our inner-city communities face. Their words gave us all hope that we all can be a part of propelling our CEF students forward into a future full of promise and blessings.

We are most thankful to all who gave of their time, treasure and energy towards spreading the news of CEF and the amazing impact it has in our Catholic schools.



Join us by investing in children and empowering the future!


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