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Student Spotlight: Allyana White

Student Spotlight: Allyana White

With all that is going on in the world, along with the uncertainty of what the future holds for this country, hope for better days ahead are in the hands of bright young students like Allyana White. A junior at Bishop Conaty – Our Lady of Loretto High School in the Harvard Heights neighborhood of Los Angeles, White is more than just an academic scholar – she is a talented athlete, a community volunteer, and is passionate about driving social change.


White is one of the top students in her class with a 4.73 GPA and is involved in a number of on-campus activities. She is member of the National Honor Society and runs for the cross-country team. Outside of school, she keeps busy by volunteering at her local library.


White attributes much of her success to the guidance and support she receives from her mother and older sister, Najwah, who was the salutatorian of Bishop Conaty’s graduating class of 2015.


“My older sister is definitely a role model for me because everything she’s done is something I can learn from. My mom [has] done a lot for me and my family. I consider her a role model because she doesn’t let anything that she’s struggled with affect [her].”


Additionally, she credits her teachers and school community for providing her with an environment that motivates her to succeed.


“I’ve learned a lot from being in a Catholic school and I’ve learned a lot about perspective based on religion and different people’s backgrounds,” she explained.


With college application season right around the corner, White plans to apply to colleges and universities in New York. NYU and Barnard College, a liberal arts college for women, are at the top of her list. As an aspiring journalist, White is confident that New York is the perfect environment for her to study and start a career in investigative journalism. She hopes to change the way that information is delivered to the public, especially around topics like women’s rights and international news. The recent events in Aleppo have inspired her to bring truth to the public and justice to those who are victims of war and violence.


“If I become a journalist, I want to develop my own way of presenting news accurately. To determine what really matters, what’s affecting people, and what is most important [is] what we should focus on.”


White’s determination to create positive change and her passion for helping the most vulnerable in society are just a few of the many reasons she is an inspiration to all those around her. Ms. Catalina Salazar, Bishop Conaty’s Development Director, is among those in awe of White’s accomplishments and goals. “She is quite amazing,” Salazar stated.


Before attending Bishop Conaty, White was a student at Nativity Elementary School in Los Angeles. She has been a CEF Scholar for three years.

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