Principal Spotlight: Alex Chacon - Catholic Education Foundation
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Principal Spotlight: Alex Chacon

Principal Spotlight: Alex Chacon

Pride of CEF


From his humble beginnings in the Boyle Heights community and Salesian High School, to his college days at Georgetown University in Washington D.C., Alex Chacon has never failed to acknowledge the support of his parents, teachers, community, and CEF, and how they have significantly impacted his achievements and success. As the new principal of his alma mater, Principal Chacon believes that faith and community are integral components of the educational success. He is dedicated to creating the same nurturing environment for his current students. 

CEF recently had the opportunity to sit down and talk to Principal Chacon about the role his community and CEF have played in his life and success. He shared: 

“That’s something we try to teach the boys here…that it isn’t just by chance that they are here. This community is sacrificing a lot. CEF is sacrificing quite a bit to make sure the kids are receiving these great awards. And at some point the hope is that they can return that favor. Our school would not be open without CEF’s support.” 


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