Financials - Catholic Education Foundation
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100% of every dollar given goes directly to tuition assistance.

How We Work

Donations to the Catholic Education Foundation are applied directly to our Tuition Awards Program (TAP) and Save Our Students Program (SOS), to assist children from low-income families enrolled in our Catholic schools. Learn more about CEF’s impact throughout the Archdiocese of Los Angeles in our Annual Reports and Audited Financials below.

Annual Reports

FY 2019 Annual Report [PDF]
FY 2018 Annual Report [PDF]
FY 2017 Annual Report [PDF]
FY 2016 Annual Report [PDF]
FY 2015 Annual Report [PDF]
FY 2014 Annual Report [PDF]
FY 2013 Annual Report [PDF]
FY 2012 Annual Report [PDF]
FY 2011 Annual Report [PDF]

Audited Financials

2019 Audited Financials [PDF]
2018 Audited Financials [PDF]
2017 Audited Financials [PDF]
2016 Audited Financials [PDF]
2015 Audited Financials [PDF]
2014 Audited Financials [PDF]
2013 Audited Financials [PDF]
2012 Audited Financials [PDF]
2011 Audited Financials [PDF]