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100% of every dollar given goes directly to tuition assistance.

How We Work

We are fortunate to have an endowment which funds 100% of our operating costs. That means your donation goes directly to the students who need your help. Each student that we support comes from a family whose annual income is at or below the federal poverty level. Check out our 2017 Annual Report, which celebrated our 30th anniversary!

Annual Reports

FY 2018 Annual Report [PDF]
FY 2017 Annual Report [PDF]
FY 2016 Annual Report [PDF]
FY 2015 Annual Report [PDF]
FY 2014 Annual Report [PDF]
FY 2013 Annual Report [PDF]
FY 2012 Annual Report [PDF]
FY 2011 Annual Report [PDF]

Audited Financials

2018 Audited Financials [PDF]
2017 Audited Financials [PDF]
2016 Audited Financials [PDF]
2015 Audited Financials [PDF]
2014 Audited Financials [PDF]
2013 Audited Financials [PDF]
2012 Audited Financials [PDF]
2011 Audited Financials [PDF]