Board of Trustees - Catholic Education Foundation
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Board of Trustees

Meet the dedicated people who make up our leadership team.

Board of Trustees

Chairman: Archbishop José H. Gomez, ex officio
President: Timothy J. Smith
Vice Presidents: Brian J. Woram, Colleen F. Roohan
Treasurer: Joseph Viola
Secretary: H. Thomas Boyle


Msgr. Albert Bahhuth, Thomas H. Barron, Jack L. Blumenthal, Jules Buenabenta, S. Jane Castruccio, Alex Chaves, Sr., Dorene Dominguez, Paul Escala, Robert W. Huston, Bp. David O’Connell, DD, VG, Stephen F. Page, Delia Roges, Thomas Romano, Frank M. Sanchez, Ph. D., John H. Smet, Robert A. Smith, III, Randolph E. Steiner, Charles Steinmetz, Fr. Robert T. Walsh, SJ, Bp. Gerald Wilkerson, DD, VG., Colleen Welsh, Charles Gaffney


Finance Committee

Chair: Joseph Viola


Msgr. Albert Bahhuth, ex officio, Thomas H. Barron, H. Thomas Boyle, Jules Buenabenta, Robert W. Huston, Stephen F. Page, Robert A. Smith, III, Timothy J. Smith, ex officio, Randolph E. Steiner, ex officio.


Development Committee

Chair: Brian J. Woram


Thomas H. Barron, Thomas Romano, Colleen F. Roohan, Judy Smith, Timothy J. Smith, ex officio.


Board of Regents

Chair: Cardinal Roger M. Mahony


William M. Close, Richard M. Ferry, Richard A. Grant, Jr., Kathleen L. McCarthy, William S. Mortensen, Peter W. Mullin, Hon. Richard J. Riordan, Dorothy Shea, Nicholas N. Weber.


Governance Committee

Chair: Colleen Roohan